CAP Foundation

”If I Cannot Do Great Things, I Can Do Small Things In a Great Way”-MLK,Jr.


Together As One !

About Us

CAP Regional Centre, Mutomo, Kitui.

The CAMPAIGN AGAINST POVERTY FOUNDATION (CAP) is a non-partisan, non-profit making organization funded by partners and well-wishers. CAP seeks to bring individuals and institutions together to help combat poverty in Africa. We provide a platform on which any person or institution willing to play a part in fighting this scourge can easily and conveniently do so in a desirable and manageable way.

CAP Foundation  is duly registered  as an NGO by the NGOs Coordination Board in Kenya. It is managed by a Board of Directors as per the regulations of the Board.

A Secretariat is charged  with managing all the projects of CAP. The staff headed by a CEO comprises volunteers, permanent and on contract employees, all paid or facilitated from funds raised by the organization.

The head office is presently in Nairobi, Komarock Estate Phase 2 Zone 2.

We have a regional liaison office at Mutomo Market in Kitui, as well as a Regional  facility next to the Kandae Primary School in Mutomo.

Our activities are basically premised on the following:

  • Mobilizing for production;
  • Facilitating training for the producers of various products and services where necessary;
  • Identifying markets for various products and services directly or through supportive partners. In so doing, a win-win environment is envisaged to ensure interest and participation;
  • Sourcing for requisite funds and other resources to undertake various projects including those that assist in covering the organization's   administrative costs;
  • Generally mobilize well wishers and partners in providing support for all of the activities of the organization.
  • Invest where possible to create long term sustainability in all of the activities of the organization.